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Bite-Size Training – Delivering More, For Less

8th October 2013

Over the past few years, bite-size training has rapidly grown as the preferred training choice for many organisations. This continues to grow year on year as demand for instant results and high-value outputs increases. Bite-size training helps people achieve more effective learning outcomes in less time, without blowing the budget.

Have you ever attended a 1-day training course that:

  • Took ages to get going?
  • Spent too long on certain topics?
  • Covered ‘nice to knows’ that you didn’t really need?
  • Lacked focus and didn’t help you identify clear actions?
  • Involved little interaction and left you feeling uninspired?

Regrettably, so have we!

Bite-size training is short, focused, practical, flexible and powerful, designed to take advantage of our optimum period of concentration allowing information to be rapidly absorbed and more importantly, to stick!

To truly add value, Learning and Development needs to focus on impact not investment; actions not attendance.

This accessible training provides the freedom for people to slot in bursts of focused learning alongside their hectic work schedules.

Bite-Size training is highly interactive and packed with immediately applicable tools, techniques and insights leaving participants re-energised and many applying their learning within minutes.

Studies show that effective learning is distributed in short bursts regularly, rather than one long course occasionally, and bite-size training is easy to spread over time so learning is little and often and more effective.

In addition studies also show that when training is spaced over time, the knowledge and

Skills learnt are more likely to be transferred to the workplace.