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News - How do you take a group of highly skilled individuals and turn them into a brilliant team?

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How do you take a group of highly skilled individuals and turn them into a brilliant team?

6th September 2014

UK cinema-goers are enjoying a summer blockbuster with The Expendables 3, which once again assembles a group of diverse, highly skilled and experienced individuals on an action-packed mission.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the movie, the principle of creating a focused team comprising highly skilled but very different individuals, requires careful thought and planning. The experts at Creativedge Training explain some key principles to remember when building a great team in the workplace.

Great teams should…

1. …work together to achieve success and overcome challenges.

Teams in the workplace are made up of individuals with varying levels of seniority, skills and experience. Having a diverse team will help innovative ideas and creative solutions to flourish, something that would not be possible without their combined collective capabilities and knowledge.

2. …communicate openly with each other.

When a team communicates openly and shares news about the work each member does, this helps to eliminate three ‘M’s: Misunderstanding, Miscommunication and Mistakes. Really effective communication within a team ensures that work can be done more quickly and efficiently. Open lines of communication will ensure that the process of completing tasks will run more smoothly in order to meet deadlines and objectives.

3. …take an individual AND a collective responsibility for their work in order to maintain high standards and performance.

An individual who takes pride and who is focused on the team’s goal will simultaneously strengthen the spirit of the team. He/she will serve to motivate and demonstrate best practise to the other members so that the collective high standard can be sustained in the long run.

4. …appreciate and respect their similarities and differences.

Many teams are successful because they are made up of individuals from different backgrounds in terms of interests, motivations, skills and experience. Such diversity can foster innovative ideas and new approaches that would not otherwise be possible without the combined set of skills and experiences – both similar and different – of the team.

5. …build trust within the team.

A team without trust is just a group of individuals, working together, often delivering underwhelming results with limited progress. They may not share information about their work, and may lock horns with other members over decisions, regardless of their talent or experience. It doesn’t matter how capable or talented they are, they may never reach their full potential if trust isn’t present. Trust is a key element in team productivity. Without it, the team is unlikely to achieve anything meaningful; with it, teams can accomplish their objectives… and much more!

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