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News - 2014 is a time to step back, take stock and re-engage your L&D: think Martha Stewart!

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2014 is a time to step back, take stock and re-engage your L&D: think Martha Stewart!

3rd October 2014

Sometimes in life, people need to step back from situations, both the personal and the professional, take stock, and learn from mistakes and errors or judgement. Then with the power of hindsight and experience from lessons learned, move on and make a success of things the next time round.

So if the American domestic-goddess-come-media-superstar, and one of its most bankable brand names, can rise again after charges related to the ImClone insider trading affair (she was on a list of people banned from the UK!) to make an aggressive comeback in 2005 and take her company back profitability in 2006, there’s a lot to be said for starting up again and re-engaging! So how does this equate to L&D and how workplace training is delivered, you ask?

Increase in Learning Services between 2012 and 2014: +17%

Well, if you have read the GoodPractise 2014 UK Learning Trends Index you will see that 58% of those surveyed for the report said they hope to expect the range of learning services support to rise in the next six months. 47% of this group said it would be a minor increase, but 11% said it would be major. If we look at the wider period since May 2012 to the survey dated February 2014,  the percentage of respondents saying that their range of learning services has increased, has risen from 41% in May 2012  to 58% in 2014, that’s +17%. Now that healthy increase has been down to some serious review and re-engagement with companies’ L&D needs!

Look at current procedures and find the best solutions and partners post the tough times

As we’ve said in our other blogs which look at some of the other trends raised in the GoodPractise Index, being able to provide quality, innovative, cost and time-saving training services to companies is key to help L&D departments to find the best solutions and external training providers after difficult times like the recession, is key. Creativedge 90-minute training delivers learning in an easily-digestible way. It is skilfully delivered using powerful accelerated learning principles which provide participants with maximum returns for a minimal investment of time, so they can balance busy work schedules with skills development. It gives L&D departments a highly-flexible concept that offers them a unique 90-minute training toolkit from which they select the training that suits their specific staff requirements.

As companies can buy the licence to any of our 120, 90-minute training courses, they can own and so use our training in-house at their convenience. Creativedge clients who have bought licenses from us, have done as part of a wider goal to work with training methods that add real value to their training mix.

And that’s what re-engaging with your company’s training needs so you can make a real success of your L&D, means.