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News - Remember that Sting album that was sold online 20 years ago? It started a change that would affect us all, including L&D!

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Remember that Sting album that was sold online 20 years ago? It started a change that would affect us all, including L&D!

3rd October 2014

Remember “Ten Summoner’s Tales” album by Sting? Whether you know it or not, isn’t the issue here (I love it, FYI and am listening to it now on my desktop!). Twenty years ago, someone bought a Sting CD on the US site, NetMarket which officially marked the first online purchase. It heralded a change in the way people would buy not only music, but pretty much anything. Consumers would be able to purchase at home with the click of a button with no need to go to a shop.

And then things got bigger and better with e-commerce, the web, and technology period! Companies wanted as much information and data about customers, so delivering more bespoke, targeted sales and service offerings to them became the goal. As such, marketing departments needed to ensure they could reach customers across the new wireless technology equipment like mobiles, smartphones and tablets, in order to keep up with the multi-channel experience consumers themselves demanded. Information now needs to be available onsite, offsite, and with the use of offline and online channels.

And here’s where changes in training and L&D come in…

Mobile Learning is growing in L&D

In the 2014 Good Practice Learning Trends Index, 33% of people surveyed for the report said they had either recently introduced or piloted a mobile learning initiative in 2013; 67% said they had not done so. That 33% figure is actually very encouraging as is represents a 12% increase in uptake in technology learning since November 2012. 78% of those surveyed for the 2014 index state that they predicted an increase in use of technology to deliver learning, which is massively encouraging. It may take time, but let’s watch this space.

New, on-the-move App for Management Tops and Advice

And that’s the precise reason why Creativedge decided to extend its popular service to smart phones and tablets, so giving clients access to a free mobile App (Apple Store and Google Play) providing immediate, expert management and personal development tips and advice to an increasingly technology savvy workforce. This App gives busy professionals key information that they can refer to at any point, even when they are on the go.  So many people carry a smart phone or tablet these days, so it’s key for Creativedge to meet this need by providing a convenient, easy and cost-effective way to access relevant and professional information. The new App marks a really exciting extension to the brand and provides another opportunity for people to experience our training, regardless of where they are.

Look what happened with a Sting album 20 years ago. Let’s see what the future looks like for technology and L&D in 20 years’ time.

Back to listening to the “Ten Summoner’s Tales” for me now…