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News - ‘Busy’ worker or ‘effective’ worker: which are YOU?

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‘Busy’ worker or ‘effective’ worker: which are YOU?

1st December 2015

5 top tips to help you work more effectively

Are you a busy worker? Or are you an effective worker? I came across a great blog today that was written a few years ago about the difference between ‘busy’ and ‘effective’ workers, and so much of what was written in that blog still stands true today. It’s definitely worth reading. Bottom line, being busy is all well and good, but for Creativedge, being ‘personally effective’ is learning to do ‘that which produces the desired result.’ If you want to be successful and enjoy job and career success, then being effective means you consistently do the things that will bring about the results you are after again and again. And that’s the quality that all companies and bosses ultimately want from their workforce.

Also, remember that driven by new technology, increased competition and customer choice and the relentless pace of change, the business world is changing – and it’s changing fast! The things that helped people to job and career success in the past have long gone – no one should expect a ‘job for life’ and more; the stakes have changed, guys! It’s now far more about demonstrating your ‘employability’ and the unique value you can add and contributing more than you cost.

This being the case, here are 5 Top Tips to put you ahead of the game and get you to work more effectively so that you CAN enjoy greater job and career success:-

  1. Work with change

We can cope with, adapt to, or exploit change – however all of these are reactive.

Be the architect for your own future. Learn to create models and be proactive.

Change is inevitable, relentless. Don’t fight it. Partner with it and capitalise on it.

  1. Explore…and innovate

The more rapid the change, the sooner our casual approaches lose their punch.

We can rely on defence, hanging on to our old habits and hoping they’ll protect our future.  Or if we can count on offence, and attack the new challenges coming at us. It’s our choice.

Organisations now need people who will attack the future, rather than protect the past.

  1. Help create value

“Stakeholder value” is fast becoming a primary goal for large organisations.

Value creation is a key factor in how the marketplace keeps score on a business.

Learn to recognise how YOU as an individual can create and add value. How can you cut costs? How can you generate more sales? How can you boost productivity? How can you delight customers? How do you make a difference?

Raising the organisation’s prosperity is the surest way to raise our own – as employees our futures depend on contributing more than we cost.

  1. Make job changes…carefully

At no time before have people had so many job choices, or been such career nomads.

As a result, the scene is littered with bad career decisions.

It’s one thing to manage a career aggressively…to navigate constantly towards opportunity. But it’s something else to become a career flit, one too easily charmed by the temptations dangled by the next would-be employer.

Far too many people are changing jobs because they can, not because they should.

Before accepting that hot new job offer, ask yourself whether you are running from something or towards something? Think about addressing current job disenchantments head-on, right where you are. Otherwise they may follow you to your new position.

  1. Balance the wheels

As our world speeds up, so time seems to shrink.

We’re caught up in the “age of instancy” – feeding the feelings of stress.

As the workforce gets wired, work follows us home and home goes to office. Work time and home time are blurring together.  It’s all too easy to over-commit sometimes.

It’s also important to note that so much of our work is now knowledge work – using the head, thinking. That takes a lot of mental energy and is not a task that we can easily leave at the office.

So learn to re-balance the wheels; start less…finish more.

Learn to say ‘no’..mainly to yourself. Do something you want to do…every day.

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