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News - Could gamification be the key to helping disengaged staff?

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Could gamification be the key to helping disengaged staff?

11th December 2015

5 Top Tips for employee engagement

“Gamification” looks set to continue to make its mark on the L&D landscape in 2016 for collaborative behaviour.

Companies are always on the lookout for innovate, different and new ways to encourage audiences or customers to find, share, and interact with their brand, and gamification platforms offer an exciting and engaging way to do this. How so? Think about the word ‘game’; it immediately suggests something fun, exciting and participatory. There is an element of competition and in most games, a goal and a winner. Games are engaging in nature. So if you consider all these qualities, it’s little wonder then that games are starting to make a mark in the business training world as a way to  encourage participation, generate action towards an end goal, teach, and in so doing, learn.

To be engaged at work, with or without gamification, people need to feel connected – to their role, their colleagues, their manager the organisation and its goals.

Employee engagement goes beyond job satisfaction. It’s an employees’ willingness to invest their discretionary effort in the success of the organisation.

It’s not simply motivation. It’s something the employee has to offer: it can’t be ‘required’ as part of the employment contract.

So with this in mind, here are 5 Top Tips to engage your employees – so they want to ‘go that extra mile’:-

  1. The 3:1 rule

Your people want to know that their efforts are noticed, valued and appreciated. Practise the 3:1 rule. Look to praise your people 3 times more than you criticise them. Remember the things that get rewarded get repeated!

Shift your attention to catching your people doing things right – rather than catching them doing things wrong!

“Employees who report receiving recognition and praise within the last seven days show increased productivity, get higher scores from customers, and have better safety records. They’re just more engaged at work.” Tom Rath

  1. Believe

Do your people live up to their potential? – or down to your expectations of them?

Trust in your people to be brilliant and to achieve great things. Let your belief shine out through your actions. Whether you think they can or think they can’t – you’ll probably be right!

Your role is to create heroes in every role – not try to be one!

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.” Bill Bradley.

  1. Consistency

Be consistent and reliable. Get in to the habit of doing what you say you’re going to do.

You may judge yourself by what you think you’re capable of, but the reality is your people will probably measure you by what you actually do.

Less hype, more substance. Stop talking about it and just DO something.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently” Anthony Robbins.

  1. Say ‘No’

Sometimes it’s important to practise ‘tough love’ and say ‘No’ (or ‘No for now’) to your people. Instead of taking something on for them, send them away to work it out for themselves – then come back and tell you their ideas. Learning to say ‘No’ can earn you respect from yourself, as well as those around you.

If you never say ‘No’ what’s the real value of your ‘Yes’?

“Half the troubles of this life can be traced to saying “Yes” too quickly and not saying “No” soon enough.” Josh Billings.

  1. Make it easier

The biggest reason people disengage at work is not being given the resources, tools and support they need to do their best work. So get out there – talk and listen to your team.

Find out what will help them to do a better job, and then do everything you can to get it for them. Communication is your most essential tool: supporting your team’s work is your highest priority.

The ultimate secret to employee engagement is connecting with your people. Make that connection! That’s it, that’s all it takes. Do that and you will instantly make a BIG difference!

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  Henry Ford.

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