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News - iLearn Connect stays ahead of the curve

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iLearn Connect stays ahead of the curve

20th July 2018

In addition to a renewed appearance, the platform’s reporting tools have been improved, as has the user experience – organisations now have the flexibility to customise the design of the platform, providing learners with a fully branded experience.

“Technology is totally reshaping learning and development. iLearn Connect meets the ever-growing demand from busy professionals who want to access training information innovatively, conveniently and quickly.

“Nevertheless, iLearn Connect isn’t just about simply shifting traditional paper-based resource onto screens – it’s about allowing users to make use of their devices to truly personalise their learning.”

– Mark Rose
Managing Director, iLearn Connect

iLearn Connect delivers valuable information at point of need, caters for multiple learning styles, and ensures learner can quickly access training relevant to them. The platform offers personalised learning pathways to enhance learner engagement and empower self-directed learning anytime, anywhere.

iLearn Connect’s updates were made wk/c 11th June and the website went live Tuesday 12th June; neither customer service nor individual usage was interrupted.