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Digital learning meets expectation – whatever the weather…

31st January 2019

Earlier this month, ahead of the UK’s flurry of snow, the BBC reported on a shake up across some schools in the USA[1]. Branded as “e-Learning Days”, a trial was implemented where pupils work from home rather than enjoy the traditional Snow Day. Devices with pre-loaded assignments were given to them to ensure they didn’t have to play catch-up when the snow turns to slush.

This approach is par for the course in some UK schools and welcomed in the workplace[2]. Staff appreciate the empowerment and trust derived from flexible working – it is more productive to work from home than battle public transport and icy driving conditions to then turn back again…

It’s in business interest to provide flexible working arrangements according to Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2018[3]. Millennials and Generation Z’s brand loyalty is significantly higher if a company is flexible about where and when their staff work. In our experience, brand loyalty is enhanced furthermore when an organisation invests in their people’s growth and professional development, lowering attrition rates and recruitment spend as a result.

Such an investment needs to meet expectation.

Millennials are sweeping into the workplace, with the oldest of this commanding generation being in their mid-30s. Most have never known the slow speed of “dial-up” or life without a smartphone – they’re always connected to their personal networks, via a mobile phone or tablet with Google at their fingertips. Millennials expect nothing less from their employer than access to digital learning, snow or no snow.

They also expect workplace training to meet their learning needs – LinkedIn’s recent research into workplace learning reports that soft skills are a priority for growth and professional development[4]. Refined soft skills often provide a gateway for promotion and progression to senior roles and more responsibility. From learning how to build a team or become a mentor, to preparing for appraisals and handling internal politics, developing these skills is of benefit to both employee and employer.

Expectation is two-fold. Today’s workforce expects personalised, digital learning to improve soft skills at point of need.

iLearn Connect is an intuitive digital learning platform packed full of content to improve soft skills. Over 150 topics cover key areas including management and leadership, business and communication skills, customer service and personal performance. Pathways are personalised to each user with the platform recommending content that relates to them, empowering self-directed learning.

Engaging, dynamic and simple to use, learners can explore over 1,200 resources that cater for multiple learning styles, regularly updated with the latest hot topics, useful insights and top tips.

Such a digital solution meets the ever-growing demand – and expectation – from professionals who want to upskill innovatively, conveniently and quickly. Moreover, iLearn Connect is available on any device with mobile app downloads on iOS, Android and Windows, so users choose when and where to access their training. They don’t have to wait until it snows either…

Whatever the weather, the iLearn Connect team is exhibiting at London’s Learning Technologies show 13th – 14th February on stand P22. Contact them in advance of the event to arrange a personalised demo or drop by the stand and say hello.


[2] Even though we do like to build a snowman – who doesn’t?!