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Digital learning meets expectation

16th April 2020

Today’s workforce expects personalised, digital learning to improve soft skills at point of need. Virtual training solutions provide organisations with a great opportunity to adopt a new approach to organisational learning. 

It’s in business interest to provide flexible working arrangements according to Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2018. Millennials and Generation Z’s brand loyalty is significantly higher if a company is flexible about where and when their staff work. In our experience, brand loyalty is enhanced furthermore when an organisation invests in their people’s growth and professional development, lowering attrition rates and recruitment spend as a result.

Such an investment needs to meet expectation.

National lockdowns that have taken place due to COVID-19 have meant that the workplace landscape has changed significantly and we are now forced into being more agile in the way we develop ourselves and our employees. It is not clear to what extent things will return to the way they were.

In 2021 businesses expect around 40-50% of staff to return to the office, so it is likely that remote training will still need to take place or be permanently adopted to facilitate flexible working.

“We know from previous experience that in a time of crisis, learning and development is often the earliest, and hardest, hit organisational activity. Yet, the ability to be resilient, to learn, adapt and continuously improve in the face of such a challenge will be vital, and we need to ensure that we don’t press pause on development but continue to invest in the skills of the workforce.

These are certainly challenging times, but they also potentially offer us the opportunity to do things differently. Already we are seeing many organisations leveraging the technologies needed to work and learn any time, any place, to support learning in the flow of work. Now is the time to harness this trend further and ensure that we do as much as we can now to support individuals and organisations to prepare for the future.

Digital solutions will of course not replace other forms of development, but the increasing quality of online learning coupled with scalability, accessibility, and the ability to personalise this type of learning highlights its potential to play a far stronger future role in supporting workplace and adult skills development.” – Elizabeth Crowley Senior Policy Adviser, CIPD