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the UK is losing £57bn a year in lost productivity
5 Ways to Minimise Your Stress Levels Tension and anxiety are very common problems in society today, and many people will suffer from symptoms of stress at some time in…
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What we can learn from Hollywood Legend Meryl Streep
5 Ways to Develop Your Charisma Charismatic people tend to be noticed, listened to, respected and followed. Take business leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson, or political leaders like…
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make a great team member for Twitter’s board
5 Top Tips to be a brilliant team member If you were choosing team members for a business team in your organisation, who would the team players be? Assuming the…
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New M&S boss calls latest clothing sales fall 'unsatisfactory'
5 Top Tips for Coping with Setbacks Setbacks happen to us all, and that includes CEOs! Take Marks & Spencer’s new boss Steve Rowe, who said the performance of the…
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Want your business to have a great brand name
5 Top Tips for Building a Brand Powerful brands don’t just happen - they’re developed through careful planning and extensive work. A brand isn’t just a memorable name; it’s a…
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How was your Complaint Handled
5 Top Tips for Handling an Unhappy Customer Most customer service representatives would probably say that their least favourite aspect of their job is dealing with unhappy or irate customers.…
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Why JK Rowling’s resilience is the secret of her success
5 Top Tips to help you become more resilient Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and take on new challenges. When the going gets tough, some people…
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complex problem solving will be the skill most employers want
5 Top Tips for Advice on Effective Problem Solving It’s always interesting to read about the skill sets that employers want their workforce to have and how these have changed…
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Key to Plugging the Digital Skills Gap
As National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2016) draws to a close, it has been great to read so many inspirational stories about the positive impact apprenticeships make on individuals and businesses.…
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Want the Secret to Employee Engagement
According to research from employee engagement technology firm Purple Cubed, 86% of top senior executives do not believe their organisation has a robust engagement strategy. However, I think the most…
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Are you truly productive at work?
5 Top Tips for to boost your productivity We’re all busier than ever. New technology tries to simplify our lives, yet we still seem to have more to do and…
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How does your company manage the demands made upon it by its millennial workforce?
Why coaching could be the answer According to the Global Shapers Annual Survey 2015 conducted by The World Economic Forum, there are three things that millennials are looking for in…
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