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Forget Blue Monday – RED Monday is the way to go, according to Fitness First
5 more quick and easy tips to stay motivated every day I blogged about Blue Monday earlier today, and hope I shared some useful tips for you to use not…
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Apparently it’s ‘Blue Monday’ and we should all feel unmotivated. I’m not! Are you?!
5 quick and easy tips to get and stay motivated Apparently, today is marked down as Blue Monday, the third Monday of January, when everything is supposedly at its most…
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YOUR recipe for personal success?
5 Top Tips to support your personal success All eyes will be on Steve Rowe this April when he takes the helm from current M&S chief executive Marc Bolland. Rowe,…
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is apparently the hot work trend right now. But how do you make ‘Brand YOU’ stand out a competitive business market?
 5 Top Tips to build a better brand I read an interesting article in the FT today about how the rise of freelancing is making it more important for people…
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Bite-size training specialist Creativedge Training now approved as an
PRESS RELEASE Date: 13 January, 2016 Bite-size training specialist Creativedge Training now approved as an Accredited CPD Centre Creativedge Training & Development is delighted to announce that it has now…
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Keeping staff motivated in January - and in every other month
5 Top Questions to ask staff this month According to a paper published in Psychological Science, so-called "temporal landmarks" - specific dates and days - are more likely to encourage…
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5 simple Customer Retention Strategies It was interesting to read that ASDA’s CEO has warned that Britain’s struggling supermarkets will face further challenges in the year ahead as it fires the first salvo of the year in the industry’s savage price wars. Andy Clarke has said he will pump a further £500m into slashing prices at the grocer as it faces another brutal year of intense pressure. “There is currently no growth in the food market and the rise of the discounters means that we must take radical action to win back our customers,” said the chief executive. Mr Clarke’s latest warning comes as the industry reels from the toughest Christmas trading spell since 2008. Next, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Sports Direct have all revealed grim sales figures. But did you know that the average business loses around 20% of its customers annually, simply by failing to attend to customer relationships. In some sections, leakage is as much as 80%! The cost, in either case is high – yet few businesses understand the implications for long-term profit and growth. And small changes in customer retention can multiply to deliver great results. I am sure retail CEOs like Andy Clarke are all too aware of this. So with this in mind, here are 5 simple strategies to follow which cost little or nothing to implement:- 1. Just imagine Imagine two businesses, one retains 90% of its customers, the other retains 80%. If both add new customers at the rate of 20% per year, the first will have a 10% net growth in customers per year – while the other will have – NONE! Over 7 years, the first business will virtually double, while the second will see no real growth. Everything being equal, that 10% advantage on customer retention will result in a doubling of customers every 7 years without doubling anything else. 2. Reduce erosion Virtually every business loses some customers but few ever measure or recognise how many of their customers become inactive. Ironically, most businesses invest a lot of time, effort and experience building that initial customer relationship - then they let that relationship go unattended, in some cases even losing interest as soon as that sale has been made – only to have to spend another small fortune to replace that customer. The easiest way to grow your business is not to lose your customers! Once you stop the leakage, it’s often possible to double or triple your growth rate because you’re no longer forced to make up lost ground just to stand still. 3. Regular contact Avoid losing your customers by building relationships and keeping in touch using a rolling calendar of communications. Use a programmed sequence of letters, events, phone calls, “thank you’s” special offers, follow ups and cards or notes with a personal touch etc. These should occur constantly and automatically at defined points in the pre-sales and post-sales process. Customers not only respond to this positively, but they really appreciate it because they feel acknowledged, valued and important. It keeps them informed, offsets post-purchase doubts and reinforces the reason they’re doing business with you. It bonds the relationship, so that they want to come back again and again. 4. Amazing customer service Extraordinary customer service leads to repeat business – poor service will drive customers to your competition. Adopt a never-ending pursuit of excellence; keep your customers so satisfied that they tell others how great you are to do business with. Move the product or service you deliver into the realm of the extra-ordinary by delivering higher than expected levels of service to each and every customer. Key aspects include:- - Dedication to customer satisfaction by every employee - Providing immediate response - No buck passing - Going above and beyond expectations - Consistent on-time delivery and quality - Delivering what you promise before and AFTER the sale - Zero defects and error-free-delivery process 5. Lifetime customer value There’s a big difference between ‘one off’ profit you make on an average sale and the total profit your average loyal customer represents over a lifetime of business with you. Work out how much profit a loyal and repeating customer represents to your business over the months years or decades – you’ll then realise the critical importance of taking good case of your customers! And because you’ll understand just how much time, effort and expense you can afford to invest in retaining that customer, you’ll be in control of your marketing expenditure.
 5 simple Customer Retention Strategies It was interesting to read that ASDA’s CEO has warned that Britain’s struggling supermarkets will face further challenges in the year ahead as it fires…
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, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s own latest ambition
5 Key Principles for setting SMART goals Goal setting is a powerful way of motivating people - and of motivating yourself. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example. His latest 2016 goal…
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What are your career plans for 2016? Will you change jobs, stay in your current role or change your career focus entirely?
Here are 5 tips to future proof your career in 2016 - and beyond I am always interested to read the CIPD Labour Market reports, as these quarterly outlooks provide…
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The UK’s Digital Economy Minster has one to help him to develop the UK’s position as a global digital leader. What is it? A STRATEGY
5 Strategies for business success Happy New Year! Whether you are a manager in a company, or an owner-manager or entrepreneur, you will need to ensure your company has strategies…
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Karen Quintos, the CMO at Dell, plans to speak up for women in business in 2016! But what’s her strategy to really enable her to action this?
5 Top Tips to develop a winning strategy I read this month that Karen Quintos, the CMO at Dell, plans to speak up for women in business in 2016. As…
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Wow! KPMG report says a new tech company is founded in Britain EVERY HOUR. But how can these start-ups grow and increase their profits in the long term?
5 Top Tips for a profitable and successful business Did you know that Britain has created 45,000 technology companies in the last five years, equivalent to one every hour, according…
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