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Did you go to the company Christmas party?
5 Top Tips to help you minimise or avoid stress I read a news story on the CIPD website about a survey conducted by Consumer Intelligence for MetLife Employee Benefits,…
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Will Guus Hiddink make a great, new manager for Chelsea FC now that Mourinho has gone?
5 Top Tips to up-your-game as a manager Wow! After news about Mourinho’s departure from Chelsea FC yesterday, it now appears a new short term coach has now been appointed…
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Rolls Royce is looking for a new Chief Operating Officer
5 Top Tips for leadership success I was interested to read that Rolls Royce plans to hire a new Chief Operating Officer next year as part of plans to revive…
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What businesses can learn from ‘Star Wars’
5 Top Tips to build a better brand Powerful brands don’t just happen – they are developed through careful planning and extensive work. Take Star Wars, for example.  The epic…
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Could gamification be the key to helping disengaged staff?
5 Top Tips for employee engagement “Gamification” looks set to continue to make its mark on the L&D landscape in 2016 for collaborative behaviour. Companies are always on the lookout…
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Lessons we can ALL learn from retailers this Christmas
5 tips to help you sell successfully It was interesting to read reports about Black Friday and how UK retailers suffered a drop in sales in November as record take-up…
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It’s office party time! But how is your motivation level right now?
5 tips to get and STAY motivated! Ah, it’s the office Christmas party time and everyone is gearing up for the festive celebrations. Is your company, and are you? I…
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Do you work for, or own a small business? How is business doing in the run-up to the holidays?
5 tips to avoid the mistakes that entrepreneurs make most often Did you know it was Small Business Saturday this weekend? Shoppers across the UK were encouraged to buy from…
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Do you receive more than 50 emails a day? Do you struggle to keep up with any more than this?
5 Tough Tips to keep your email in check Studies frequently show that receiving more than a certain number of emails a day can break someone’s threshold. I still remember…
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The baby girl who has inspired one of America’s biggest philanthropic pledges - and what we can learn from her father
5 Top Tips for leadership success Can Mark Zuckerberg be any nicer? Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan today announced that they will give away 99% of their…
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‘Busy’ worker or ‘effective’ worker: which are YOU?
5 top tips to help you work more effectively Are you a busy worker? Or are you an effective worker? I came across a great blog today that was written…
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What are the qualities of a successful influencer or role model?
5 principles of a successful influencer Do you know someone who influences or really inspires you at work? What qualities or approaches do they have or take that motivate or…
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