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Could a free mince pie be key to customer service?
5 customer service techniques to put into action You may have started your Black Friday shopping – happy shopping! - and are probably aware that retail analysts are predicting today…
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You can only coach at certain times in the workplace
Coaching uses the workplace to provide on-the-job development. I’m not alone in extolling the value of business coaching either. Google CEO Eric Schmidt knows it too. And he’s not the…
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Retailer that posted losses gets back in profit?
5 vital customer service skills we should ALL have For any organisation, its customers are the priority – and its reason for being. I always enjoy reading who tops the…
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How do you resolve conflicts where you work?
5 key steps for resolving conflict Unfortunately, conflict happens everywhere - between friends, in the workplace, around the meeting table. The good news is that it doesn’t need to damage…
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What you can learn about building ‘Brand YOU’
5 Top Tips to build a better brand for yourself or your company The annual Which? Festive taste tests have revealed the “must-have” mince pies and champagne for consumers planning…
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Black Friday kicks off in one week! What can we ALL learn from Black Friday, even if we’re not in retail?
5 Top Tips to make a customer experience special Did you know that Black Friday has become the biggest shopping day of the year! And it’s just a week from…
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Why recognising people’s small successes and efforts is better than taking a problem-focused approach to a person’s appraisal
5 of the most common appraisal problems I read a great article on the CIPD website about why employees are “set to fail” their annual appraisals. The writer, Susanne Jacobs,…
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Have you experienced conflict at work?
5 Top Tips for the key steps for resolving conflict Unfortunately, conflict happens everywhere - between friends, in the workplace, around the meeting table. The good news is that it…
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Does being rude, ruthless and self-absorbed give you an advantage when it comes to getting ahead in business?
5 Top Tips for Leadership Success If you’ve seen the new film ‘Steve Jobs’, actor Michael Fassbender portrays the Apple pioneer as a leader with unwavering self-belief but not always…
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The Christmas retail frenzy is here and already putting customer service skills to the test
5 Top Tips for handling an unhappy customer Most customer service representatives would probably say that their least favourite aspect of their job is dealing with an angry or irate…
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Have you heard of Ming-Ching Kuo? You have now! He is THE person to listen to when it comes to emerging Apple products
5 Top Tips for making a positive impact with others If you are an Apple fan, you may have read that Apple could release a new 4-inch iPhone next year…
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What do you do in the morning? Eat breakfast? Go for a run? Have a lie in? New report from World Economic Forum says successful people make the most of their mornings
5 Top Tips for getting the most out of your mornings Give or take a few, you’ll wake up for about 25,000 mornings in your adult life. Faced with this…
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