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Do you drive a Lexus? If not, you should! Lexus has topped one poll as Best Car brand for 2015
5 Top Tips to build a better brand If you love cars, you may be aware that according to the Consumer Reports 2015 Car Brand Report Cards, for the second…
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It’s Halloween! Are you trick or treating? Speaking of tricks, do you have a “tricky” boss?
5 Top Tips to deal with different ‘types’ of tricky bosses! Many people will be celebrating Halloween this weekend with parties and celebrations. Brits are set to spend around £283…
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What a week! Marks & Spencer forced to suspend its website but some customers STILL remain concerned, despite receiving apologies from M&S
5 Top Tips for customer retention strategies Oh dear, first it was Talk Talk, then Marks and Spencer was forced to suspend its website after an apparent security breach. The…
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New report says more than one in five adults is unable to read a bank statement - evidence of "stubbornly" low financial skills in the UK. Sound familiar?
5 Top Tips to successfully manage your business finances in the long-term According to a new survey, more than one in five adults is unable to read a bank statement…
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What can managers learn from James Bond movies about staff retention?
5 Top Tips to retain a really great employee Bond fans are gearing up for today’s release of SPECTRE, the twenty-fourth James Bond film which  features Daniel Craig in his…
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Research shows private-sector employers are expecting to increase employees’ pay by just 2% during the next year. How can you show your worth and ‘employability’ to your company?
5 Top Tips for putting yourself ahead of the game Driven by new technology, increased competition and customer choice and the relentless pace of change, the business world and workplace…
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How are your basic digital skills? New report says 12 million people and a million small businesses in the UK don’t have the skills to prosper in the digital world
5 Top Tips for getting the most out your online network It is worrying to read that over 12 million people, and a million small businesses in the UK, don’t…
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Reiss plans to open 40 stores overseas in 2016! But a degree of remote staff management will probably be required in cases like this and, if so, how can this be done effectively?
Top Tips for managing remote teams I was delighted to read in the news yesterday that family-owned fashion retailer Reiss has said it plans to expand overseas next year by…
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Did you know Michelle Obama was the President’s first mentor after he graduated from Harvard Law School? And look where he ended up!
5 Top Tips to make your mentoring experience successful Did you know one of the first people Michelle Obama mentored as a lawyer in Chicago was a fellow graduate of…
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Winners have mentors and motivators, including the lady who won The Great British Bake Off!
But who inspires YOU to achieve your personal best at work? 5 Top Tips for successful mentoring If you were a fan of the Great British Bake Off, you maybe…
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What do Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates and Richard Branson all have this in common – Mentors!
5 Top Tips to make being mentored a success Did you know that many of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs have mentors? People like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Richard…
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Why being a mentor could actually benefit YOUR career growth and success
5 Top Tips on being an effective coach or mentor While mentors are usually the ones giving the advice to their mentees, I think it’s also worth remembering just how…
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