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Are you having appraisals at work right now, and are you looking for a promotion?
5 Top Tips to make yourself promotable at work Do you feel stuck in your current job and ready to move up? Maybe you are having appraisals at work at…
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Young people aren’t used to losing or competing against other
Why EI could help! 5 Top Tips Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, evaluate and control your own emotions and to better understand the emotions (or motivations) of other…
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We all have goals, much like the cyclists in the Prudential RideLondon event!
So here are 5 Top Tips to make your Goals Reachable We all have goals. What are yours? Maybe to keep our current job, or to get a new one.…
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Preparing for a presentation at work?
Here are 3 ‘Don’ts’ and 2 ‘Do’s’ for getting your audience involved The most successful speaking events involve far more than action from the speaker, however stimulating his or her…
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Workers said they couldn’t forget about work and relax
Here are 5 Top Tips to Help Reduce your Stress Levels Tension and anxiety are very common problems in society today and many people will suffer from symptoms of stress…
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Preparing for your job interview?
5 Top Questions to ask to help make a good impression Just hearing the word ‘interview’ can strike fear into the strongest of hearts. After all, nobody enjoys a good…
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People spending longer in the same job
5 top tips for making yourself promotable Do you feel stuck in your current job and ready to move up? ‘A steady job report?’ has found that job stability, which…
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Having the right attitude should come first
5 Top Tips to develop your Emotional Intelligence IQ measures your intelligence, while Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is all about your ability to recognise emotions and understand what they are telling…
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Under pressure at work?
5 Top Tips to ease that mental load and feel more light-hearted Maybe it’s time that you stopped worrying about everything and started to care a little bit less? Sometimes…
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Nike has given its CEO Mark Parker a stock award
Feel inspired? Here are 5 top tips to for YOUR leadership success It can take years to become an overnight success as a leader. However, if you are willing to…
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Research by bed manufacturer Sealy claims sickies due to tiredness costs UK economy £453 million a year!
5 top tips to help you control your workload It’s always concerning to read stories in the press about the cost of fatigued employees on business productivity. According to research…
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5 Top Tips for being productive in your ‘in-between’ time
Much of your day is spent ‘in between’ activities. Between meetings, before appointments, waiting for something and more. Making use of this time makes a big difference. These small moments…
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