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5 Top Tips to develop your leadership and C.O.U.R.A.G.E

Every leader needs a following! Good leaders are supported because people trust and respect them, not simply for the skills they possess. And it would seem that Yvette Cooper MP is fast garnering a lot of support in her bid …

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The Power of 90 minute training

We’re all increasingly busy. There are times when we simply don’t have the time for a full sit down meal. Similarly, you want your people to learn some new skills and learn them quickly, but may not be able to …

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Business Continuity Planning

Why your staff and customers will ALL benefit from it The views on business continuity planning vary from: “Business what?” to. “It’s just common sense, isn’t it?” to, “Oh no, where do we start?” It’s about building and managing the …

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Appraisal Skills

Learn how to run a motivational performance review meeting.

  • The performance appraisal cycle
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Structuring the review session
  • Key appraisal and review skills
  • Skills practice

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Assess Your Management Skills

Learn how to identify your key strengths and limitations as a manager.

  • Self-assessment activity
  • 10 key skills of the effective manager
  • Charting your P.O.I. attributes
  • Your effective manager profile
  • Personal development planning

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Building Your Team

Learn how to apply the secrets of building a high-performing team.

  • So what makes a great team?
  • P.E.R.F.O.R.M. – characteristics in all top teams
  • Impact of team dynamics
  • Team roles and the teamwork cycle
  • The 7C’s for all team leaders

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Challenging Conversations

Learn how to confidently tackle those discussions that you dread.

  • Features of challenging conversations
  • The 6 coping strategies
  • Closed v open approaches?
  • Climb down your ladder!
  • Applying techniques to your own situations

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Learn how to sharpen and structure your on-job coaching skills.

  • Coaching: what, why, how, when and who?
  • Spotting coaching opportunities
  • The coaching process
  • Key coaching skills
  • Skills practice

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