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Appraisal Skills

Learn how to run a motivational performance review meeting.

  • The performance appraisal cycle
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Structuring the review session
  • Key appraisal and review skills
  • Skills practice

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Assess Your Management Skills

Learn how to identify your key strengths and limitations as a manager.

  • Self-assessment activity
  • 10 key skills of the effective manager
  • Charting your P.O.I. attributes
  • Your effective manager profile
  • Personal development planning

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Building Your Team

Learn how to apply the secrets of building a high-performing team.

  • So what makes a great team?
  • P.E.R.F.O.R.M. – characteristics in all top teams
  • Impact of team dynamics
  • Team roles and the teamwork cycle
  • The 7C’s for all team leaders

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Challenging Conversations

Learn how to confidently tackle those discussions that you dread.

  • Features of challenging conversations
  • The 6 coping strategies
  • Closed v open approaches?
  • Climb down your ladder!
  • Applying techniques to your own situations

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Our 90 minute bite-size sessions are a great way to get quick practical tips and advice during your highly engaging and interactive virtual training. This CPD accredited session is worth 2 points.

In a business context coaching means improving performance at work, by turning things people do into learning situations, in a planned way with guidance and feedback.
Coaching aims to enhance the performance and learning ability of others. It involves providing feedback, but it also uses many other techniques such as motivation, effective questioning and
consciously matching your own style to the learner’s confidence and competence to undertake a particular task.

Managers can achieve better results by developing and practising coaching skills and therefore making more effective use of human resources.

Learn how to sharpen and structure your on-job coaching skills…

  • Reflect on the what, why, how, when and who’s of coaching
  • Consider opportunities for on-job coaching
  • Explore the importance of effective questioning skills
  • Introduce a structured model for coaching
  • Practice applying the key skills involved

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Learn how to develop your delegation skills and technique.

  • Self-assessment: how am I doing?
  • Delegation – benefits and pitfalls
  • The 5 key steps
  • The 4 levels of delegation
  • Opportunities – what to delegate?

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Developing Management Style

Learn how to extend your approach to managing others.

  • What’s it like being managed by you?
  • Your task-people orientation
  • Identifying your management style
  • Recognising when to use different styles
  • M.B.W.A. – managing by walking around

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Developing Your People

Learn how to build a structured plan for developing your team.

  • Manager as developer: how do you rate?
  • Identifying development needs
  • Recognising development solutions
  • Creating a structured plan
  • Monitoring and reviewing progress

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Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to recognise and manage emotions in yourself and others.

  • Self-analysis: your E.I. profile
  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • The emotionally intelligent leader
  • 5 steps to develop emotional intelligence
  • How to apply E.I. to any situation

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