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Monkey Management

Learn how to spot the ‘monkeys’ and expand your discretionary time.

  • Your management style and monkeys
  • What is a ‘monkey’?
  • Where your management time goes
  • The 4 rules of monkey management
  • Monkey spotting – becoming savvy

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Motivating Others

Learn how to create the conditions for your people to succeed.

  • The last 10 days – motivation and you
  • Your motivation formula?
  • Key motivators at work
  • 6 principles for motivating others
  • Applying the principles to your team

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Planning & Organising

Learn how to develop and implement effective plans.

  • Planning – measure twice, cut once!
  • Key stages in effective planning
  • Useful planning tools and techniques
  • Monitoring and contingency planning
  • Planning exercise

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Running Effective 1 – 1 Reviews

Learn how to deliver productive informal review sessions.

  • The benefits of ongoing 1-1 reviews
  • Common manager mistakes
  • The 3-step review structure
  • Key reviewer skills
  • Case studies – applying the skills

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Selection Interviewing

Learn how to conduct professional interviews and select the right person.

  • The cost of getting it wrong?
  • Ready – getting yourself prepared
  • Set – structuring the interview
  • Go – leading the discussion
  • Assessing candidate performance

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Setting Goals & Objectives

Learn how to identify and create powerful goals and objectives.

  • Goal setting – benefits and myths
  • Goals v objectives?
  • Writing powerful objectives
  • Applying techniques to your own team
  • Manager’s role – support and challenge

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The Engaging Manager

Learn how to apply the key drivers and actively engage your people.

  • Engagement – what and why?
  • The 3 levels of engagement
  • Rules of engagement for managers
  • The 8C’s – the employee’s perspective
  • Identifying practical actions

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The Organised Manager

Learn how to become a more focused, organised and productive manager.

  • The demands on your management time
  • Assessment – how organised are you?
  • 4 types of manager: focus/energy matrix
  • Strengthening your current approach
  • Techniques for success

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The 3 Secrets of Management

Learn how to use the 3 secrets of effective management.

  • One minute thought starters…
  • Goal setting
  • Catching people doing things right!
  • Dealing with poor performance
  • The ABC’s of management

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Accelerate Your Learning

Learn how to make your learning fun and effective – the ‘SIMPLer’ way.

  • Getting into the right state
  • Discover your preferred input style
  • How to ‘make it your own’
  • Top memory tips
  • Using the review cycle

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