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5 ways to empower your people for 2014

Looking for real management advice about people? Your goal is to create a work environment in which people are empowered, productive, contributing, and happy. Don’t hinder them by limiting their tools or information. Trust them to do the right thing. …

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Being More Resilient!

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and take on new challenges. When the going gets tough… some people manage to carry on, whereas others are almost overwhelmed. Some people are more resilient than others. Resilience has become …

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How to be a smart negotiator!

Negotiation is the “art of friendly persuasion” – the ability to sell yourself and your ideas. Study after study reveals that negotiation is one of the top three skills in life and on the job. Great negotiators become key contributors …

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Learning and Skills 2014

Learning and Skills is over for another year and we would like to thank all the visitors who came and met with us on our stand.  It was a great opportunity to catch up again with some of our valued …

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5 Ways To Help Build Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is often mistaken for self-confidence, and yet is one of the most important factors for a fulfilled life. Self-esteem involves your core values and the inner workings of your mind that essentially define who you are. Self-confidence, on the …

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Looking to Increase Your Learning Outcomes for 2014?

Now is a great time to review your organisation’s approach to training and look at new ways for engaging and developing your staff. At the Learning & Development Show – 30th April to 1st May 2014, we will be showcasing …

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Virtual Training & Mobile App

We had another great exhibition at this year’s CIPD Learning & Development show, Olympia on 30th April – 1st May. Our new Stand drew lots of attention The interest at this year’s show was extremely high for our 90 minute …

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5 Ways to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

IQ measures your intelligence, whilst Emotional Intelligence (or EQ) is all about your ability to recognise emotions, understand what they’re telling you, and realise how your emotions affect people around you. Business success isn’t just about intellect and technical skills. …

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5 Tips for Saying ‘NO’

Simply saying ‘NO’ can be very difficult for many people. Some are afraid of the aggressive reaction that a ‘NO’ might bring. Others feel that saying ‘NO’ makes them look unhelpful. On the other hand, some people are just unrealistic …

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When succession planning needs to be part of a company’s business plan from the word go

As companies emerge from the recession and move towards recovery – or at least to a more stable position – many HR professionals are concerned about their talent pool and as such, how this impacts upon succession planning. If there …

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