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How do you take a group of highly skilled individuals and turn them into a brilliant team?

UK cinema-goers are enjoying a summer blockbuster with The Expendables 3, which once again assembles a group of diverse, highly skilled and experienced individuals on an action-packed mission. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the movie, the principle of …

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Multichannel Marketing

How you can add to your sales and marketing plan with MCM, attract more customers and enjoy higher conversion rates Boom!  Yes, the red hot news this month must surely be that demand for online shopping has boomed over the …

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5 useful techniques worth remembering for effective presentations: the eyes, the voice, the expression, the appearance, and how you stand

When it comes to delivering a really impactful professional business presentation, there are five key facets of your own body which the expert trainers at Creativedge recommend to clients to improve their presentation skills and style: the eyes, the voice, …

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How can staff remain motivated when they return to work after their summer holidays….and it’s a long stretch until Christmas?

With most people gearing up to send the kids back to school and preparing to get back on track with work after their summer holidays, how can companies ensure that morale remains high in the final quarter of the year? …

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Formal learning versus on-the-job experience: how are they perceived and recognised in YOUR workplace?

If you haven’t had a look at the 2014 Good Practice Learning Trends Index, we highly recommend you get hold of a copy. One of many interesting outcomes of the survey is that formal training in the workplace is not …

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GoodPractice 2014 Learning Trends Index shows internal training is the preferred approach for most managers to help meet their key workplace challenges

So, what are YOUR training challenges as a manager? And how is your training delivered? According to the GoodPractice 2014 UK Learning Trends Index, the top five concerns for managers today are:-

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Are YOU resilient in your company?

Learn how resilience is a key characteristic of many of the world’s best-known leaders. A sometimes much-overlooked challenge of business resilience preparation is the human element, whereby individuals in a complex and difficult situation must be prepared and educated on …

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What new managers can learn from Simon Cowell. I’m serious!

Like him or not, watch the X Factor or not, Simon Cowell is a multi-millionaire with a Midas touch and from whom managers can learn some very useful business lessons, as a reporter from The Telegraph highlighted  last month.

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Customer retention is vital: it affect sales, share value, brand reputation and much more besides. Look at Apple and ‘Bendgate’!

Here are 3 ‘Top Tips’ from Creativedge Training and Development for effective customer retention. Have you go the new iPhone 6 yet? Has “bendgate” influenced your decision whether or not to buy the new model? How loyal are you to …

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Be like a Virgin with the ‘no-policy-holiday-policy’ Can it really work?

If you’ve read about how Netflix has inspired Branson to introduce a vacation policy for Virgin staff which is, in effect a ‘no-policy-holiday-policy’, how did you respond? In short, all salaried staff can take time off whenever they want for …

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