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Remember that Sting album that was sold online 20 years ago? It started a change that would affect us all, including L&D!

Remember “Ten Summoner’s Tales” album by Sting? Whether you know it or not, isn’t the issue here (I love it, FYI and am listening to it now on my desktop!). Twenty years ago, someone bought a Sting CD on the …

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Sir Richard Branson does it! Why don’t you?

Mentoring can be the making of managers and even of companies as a whole: Read 5 top tips for great mentoring from Creativedge Many successful companies use mentoring to tackle human resource issues such as ensuring employee retention and strong …

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2014 is a time to step back, take stock and re-engage your L&D: think Martha Stewart!

Sometimes in life, people need to step back from situations, both the personal and the professional, take stock, and learn from mistakes and errors or judgement. Then with the power of hindsight and experience from lessons learned, move on and …

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5 Tips for using the ‘Managing by Walking Around’ strategy in your company. (Tesco’s seems to be using it!)

If you’ve heard how the Tesco boss Dave Lewis is now sending thousands of his staff, including senior executives, back to the supermarket shop floor as part of plan to woo back the disgruntled customers, what was your response?

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How DID they do it? Why Huwawei is now one of the world’s most valuable brands and how having a competitive advantage got them there.

5 top tips on maintaining your competitive advantage from Creativedge Yay Huawei! Telecoms equipment maker Huawei is the first Chinese company to enter the Interbrand list of top 100 list of world’s most valuable brands.

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5 Top Tips for Business Growth Strategies What we can ALL learn from LIDL!

Think what you like about Lidl, but if there’s one thing that can’t be disputed, it is really giving Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose a run for their money! Did you know that that the brains behind the discount empire, Dieter …

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It’s hunting season & poaching’s on the rise, says Adecco Keep your staff with 5 Top Tips for Employee Engagement

Well, poaching in business has always been around. But now it seems companies are having to work that little but harder to keep hold of great staff as they are highly likely to move on elsewhere in this (thankfully!) positive …

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Once Upon a Time in Silicon Valley, tech entrepreneur Reid Hoffmans dreamed up LinkedIn…. …10 years later, Creativedge reminds you how to use it effectively with 5 Top Tips

The company has now claimed and conquered a reputation as “the ‘gold standard’ for professional networking,” said Lynne Sarikas, MBA Career Center director at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Boston’s Northeastern University. “Employers are concerned if a candidate is …

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How to earn respect in the workplace: 5 top tips that CEOs and Presidents probably use!

I read a really interesting story in the Evening Standard this week entitled, ‘Women of steel: who is the toughest female super boss of them all?’

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Why giving feedback and listening to it, helps improve staff performance and skills.

5 top tips on how to provide constructive feedback in the workplace Ouch, I read the scathing article in Management Today about the BoE deputy governor Minouche Shafik saying that bankers’ bad behaviour isn’t due to just a few ‘bad …

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