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Networking Remotely

Learn how to develop the skills to network effectively online…

  • Identify your goals and network online with purpose
  • Find ‘your crowd’ and establish the right networks for you
  • Make meaningful online connections
  • Make a positive impression online
  • Explore some easy, proactive ways of raising your profile online

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How to create more revenue from your existing account base

The role of a Key Account Manager inside your company is to build and nurture loyal, long-lasting relationships with each of your high-value customers, acting as a first point of contact for queries, complaints or purchases. A Key Account Manager …

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Top Tips for Successful Project Management

‘A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it’ – Scott Allen The Project Management Institute Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines a project as: “A temporary endeavour undertaken to create a defined product, …

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Our crash course in customer buying behaviour

If customers only buy good feeling and solutions, then it’s your job to know how to provide them.  And that, in turn, means understanding more about the feelings customers have and how they go about deciding to buy. The first …

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Our top tips to successful Remote Management

Being a manager can be challenging. Being a remote manager with a team dispersed across locations and/or functions brings additional pressures. Location Managing people who you do not see on a regular basis – and who do not see each …

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It’s all about balance…

Work hard, play hard. Eat clean and keep lean. Do less, be more. There’s certainly a balance to be found with how we live our lives given the fast-paced world we are now in; from eating and exercise to work …

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Are you an effective Coach?

Coaching enhances the performance and learning ability of others. It involves providing feedback, and using other techniques such as motivation, effective questioning and consciously matching your own communication style to the learner’s confidence and competence to undertake a task. Coaching …

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How to develop your Entrepreneurial Thinking

Entrepreneurs are brilliant at thinking on their feet: they see alternatives quickly and are able to change paths easily. Set-backs don’t seem to stop them; they merely bring about a slight course correction. Entrepreneurial thinking is all about harnessing passions, …

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