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Understanding Business Finance Ratios in 2015

5 Top Tips to assess business performance using ratios and get the early signs of any problems for the year ahead. The profit and loss account and balance sheet gives a clear idea of the health of a business, but …

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30 years ago the first UK Mobile Phone Call was made!

Top 5 tips on Mobile Phone Etiquette for Business Using the Transportable Vodafone VT1, Michael Harrison telephoned his father – Vodafone’s first chairman – on 1 January, 1985. This was the very first call in the UK made on a …

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5 Top Tips to make yourself promotable

Yay! British workers are set for a boost in 2015 as real wage growth returns for only the second year since 2009, according to research by management consultancy Hay Group. The data, taken a database of about 16 million …

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How Black Friday marked a change in how we shop

5 top tips for Managing Change – and here’s the most important part, how we manage PEOPLE during change in any business Did you know that John Lewis saw sales for the Black Friday week surge 22% higher than the …

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Need help with your presentation skills? Don’t worry, even Sir Richard Branson “loathes making speeches.”

Increasingly, we are called upon at work to make presentations to groups, both large and small. Our performance is often judged on how professionally we handle these occasions – and how well we get our point across to others.

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The ‘Big Six’ face stiff competition by smaller energy providers.

5 Top Tips for successful selling and why you shouldn’t knock the competition It appears Scottish Power has become the latest of the so-called ‘Big Six’ energy firms to cut its standard gas price. The 4.8% cut will come into …

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Top 5 Tips for Encouraging Participation in meetings

Every business has numerous meetings or training courses and ensuring that enough people participate actively in these is one of the meeting leader’s primary responsibilities. However, encouraging participation in meetings can be tricky for some meeting leaders.

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Understanding a Balance Sheet

Here are 5 Top Tips to help you Business finance is like aircraft instrumentation. For the business manager or owner to ignore or not understand their financial is similar for an air plane pilot ignoring or not understanding aircraft instrumentation. …

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Japan is forcing workers to take holidays in an attempt to combat soaring levels of stress

5 Top Tips to reduce your stress levels. In today’s Times, there is an article which shows the shocking statistics for soaring levels of stress and suicide on workers who follow an excessive work culture. A new law will make …

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Whether it’s in the financial sector or elsewhere, what are the best ways of handling unhappy customers?

5 top tips for Handling an Unhappy Customer Have you been missold a PPI policy? Banks such as Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland have already set aside £24bn to compensate consumers. I know this sounds like the …

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