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5 Top Tips to be a great facilitator

There was a really interesting, quirky article in the Huffington Post yesterday about how schools in California are using ‘instructional coaches’ as a key way of helping teachers adapt their instruction to implement core, national standards in maths and English …

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Pancake Day – yay! But are you planning to give something up for Lent which starts tomorrow?

5 Top Tips for Motivational Beliefs for Personal Success It’s Pancake Day! Many of us will indulge today and then mark the start of Lent tomorrow by giving up certain indulgencies and luxuries for 40 days until Easter Sunday. Whatever …

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Saying ‘NO’

Here are 5 Top Tips to help you say ‘NO’ According to the news this week, financial firms should take more time to listen to vulnerable customers and make products easy to understand. Customers’ anxiety levels could rise owing to …

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Increase your profits TODAY

5 Top Tips for a profitable and successful business. Profit is the positive financial gain your business makes after you’ve subtracted all your expenses. The ability to generate profit is crucial to the survival of your business. It’s about more …

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Are your staff motivated? Do you know how motivated they are now?

Here are 5 Top Tips to Assess Employee Motivation Motivation is an employee’s inner enthusiasm and drives to accomplish activities. This internal drive cases an individual to choose to take action. In their lives, every employee has activities, events, people …

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What makes a great coach?

Often, a well-phrased question is more powerful than instruction Here are 5 Top Tips to sharpen your questioning skills when you coach A good coach aims to help people understand, not make them understand. In coaching, the most important decision …

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Frozen’s secret to success? A collaborative team!

5 Top Tips for building a successful team Almost everyone works as part of a team. Working together in a team doesn’t always come naturally. However, when people do truly work together as one team rather than as a group …

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5 Top Tips to improve your team’s productivity

If you read Robert Peston’s article on 1st April on BBC online, you may have thought it was an April fool! Well, it’s wasn’t and it’s not! The UK’s levels of productivity are still very, very low. A big contributor …

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Need to ask for help at work?

5 Top Tips on how to ask for help the right way Stories about the daily stress and challenges faced by teachers in the classroom appear all too often in the press. I saw an article in the Guardian on …

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Make yourself promotable

5 Top Tips to make yourself promotable at work Do you feel stuck in your current job and ready to move up? It can be tough to rise up the corporate ladder, however if you want a job that excites …

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