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Make yourself promotable

5 Top Tips to make yourself promotable at work Do you feel stuck in your current job and ready to move up? It can be tough to rise up the corporate ladder, however if you want a job that excites …

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Do you have leadership vision?

Here are 5 Top Tips for conveying your vision as a leader Great leaders know the value and power of their words. They know that sharing a well-honed vision can change a person, a team, and ultimately an organisation. When …

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New managers need to learn to be great ‘people’ managers

She’s bidding for Presidency, but Hillary’s Clinton’s doing it! I’m always interested to read how former First Lady Hillary Clinton is planning her political campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election. An article in today’s Telegraph says she is starting her …

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Is the millennial workforce really that lazy or just misunderstood?

How do you deal with a lazy colleague, new millennial or otherwise? Here are 5 Top Tips to deal with it I read a very interesting article on today about the frequent complaints about millennials by their older colleagues. …

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Unemployment has fallen!

But what are the top 5 things people want most in their job? It is great to hear that unemployment has fallen to its lowest rate since July 2008, according to official figures from the Office of National Statistics. It …

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Why today’s news about Tesco is a prime example of the need for business continuity planning

People’s views on business continuity planning vary from: “Business…what?” to, “It’s just common sense, isn’t it?” to, “Oh no, where do we start?” It’s all about building and improving the resilience of your business to continue its operations and recover …

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Dealing with workplace negativity in a positive way

I read an interesting article in the Huffington Post this week by psychology expert Lisa Firestone, about the “Secret to Well Being.” Whilst there are a ton of laudable traits we should ALL ideally embrace in order reach this nirvana …

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About Us

As the UK’s leading 90 minute bite-size training specialist, we excel in creating blended solutions, bespoke courses, programmes and events to meet your specific needs. We deliver rapid results training. Since forming in 2001, we have built extensive expertise in …

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