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The Power of 90 Minute Training

It's a fact that 90 minute, intensive, focused courses take full advantage of our optimum period of concentration, allowing information to be not only rapidly absorbed
but more importantly, to stick!

We’re all increasingly busy. There are times when we simply don’t have the time for a full sit down meal. Similarly, you want your people to learn some new skills and learn them quickly, but may not be able to release them for a day or longer. Enter the power of 90 minute training.

This is the memorable snack; enough of a taste to get people thinking,  seeing things in new ways and trying out some new techniques.  Grab something on the go.

Succinct, punchy and fun, our 90 minute training delivers learning in easily-digestible chunks. Skilfully delivered using powerful accelerated learning principles we provide participants with maximum returns for a minimal investment of time, so they can balance busy work schedules with skills development.

Learn about the science behind our 90 minute training

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Benefits to your people:

With our 90 minute training toolkit, YOUR PEOPLE CAN

  • Learn and develop even when faced with a busy work schedule.
  • Choose only the most relevant courses to their individual needs.
  • Experience variety in their training – not just one subject during the day.
  • Enjoy learning with interactive, fast-moving, fun courses.
  • Refresh skills, learn some new ones and leave re-energised.
  • Discover practical techniques they can use straight away.
  • Retain information, supported by easy-reference learning guides.
  • Network with colleagues from other departments.
  • Achieve ILM qualifications and recognition.

Benefits to your organisation:

With our 90 minute training toolkit, YOUR ORGANISATION CAN

  • Align courses to easily complement your other programmes.
  • Focus training in what you really need pick & mix the courses.
  • Maximise your investment with this cost and time efficient concept.
  • Minimise training ‘no-shows’, cancellations and productivity down-time.
  • Create themed days to support your key business initiatives.
  • Extend training opportunity to more people than traditional courses.
  • Develop new ‘blended’ approaches for learning delivery.
  • Revitalise your people’s appetite for further learning.
  • Engage your people with accessible, high-quality training.

Quality assured

Since 2005 we’ve been hard at work developing our 90 minute training toolkit and are now the UK’s leading bite-size training company with an unrivalled offer of over 150 courses.

We are the bite-size training specialists. Thousands of participants in both public and private sectors attend our courses, which helps us continually refine our training and give you the reassurance that we know what works. Our training is tried and tested.

By working closely with our clients we’ve pioneered creative ways to deliver bite-size training, such as themed days and professional qualifications. These approaches have enabled them to capitalise on the flexibility of our bite-size training and maximise the results achieved.

Our team of expert trainers are hand-picked for their ability to meet the high standards we demand and you expect. With global reach via our virtual training platform, we can move as quickly as you want to, supply training at multiple locations on the same day and offer consistency of delivery. All our training is CPD accredited.

Our top 10 insider tips

Looking to find a bite-size training provider? Our tips below will help you ask the right questions so you make the right decision.

Bite-size training experience?

Ask how long they have been delivering bite-size training? As their traditional 1 and 2 day courses are no longer selling, many providers have recently added a reference to bite-size in their offer. In reality however, beyond the odd bite-size course here and there, few have much experience of actually designing or delivering it. What may seem to be easy, is in reality far more difficult in practice. We should know, as ever since 2005 we’ve been continually building our expertise to become the leading bite-size training specialist with an unrivalled range of courses.

Bite-size course content?

Ask exactly what will happen in the bite-size course, why, and for how long? A good provider will be able to easily answer this one – you’ll get bluster, bluff and vagueness from those who have never done it! We’ll give you straight answers because our courses are tried and tested.

Bite-size course design?

Ask who designs their bite-size courses and how do they approach this? Does it currently exist or are they going to cobble something together for you, buy something off-the-shelf, or maybe ask their trainer to make something up for you? We centrally design and quality control all our own 90 minute toolkit courses. We know what works. We deliver consistency.

Bite-size course materials and quality?

Ask to see the materials that participants will actually receive and use in the bite-size courses? We’ve seen this can range from nothing at all, to a basic one page worksheet, to a random collection of handouts. We provide participants with a comprehensive, high-quality learning guide and course handouts in every one of our 90 minute toolkit courses. In addition all our training is CPD accredited.

Bite-size trainers?

Ask who will deliver the bite-size training, what they have delivered in this format, where and when? We approve all our trainers to deliver our 90 minute courses. We’ve found that whilst there are undoubtedly some talented ‘day course’ trainers out there, this does not necessarily mean they are an effective bite-size trainer!

Bite-size track-record?

Ask for at least three client references you can call – where they have recently delivered their bite-size training? Any great provider will have a large number of satisfied clients for you to speak with and you can then check out for yourself just how good you think their bite-size training is.

Bite-size evaluation?

Ask how they measure the effectiveness of their bite-size training? We carefully monitor the impact of all our training as a key part of our continuous improvement philosophy.

Bite-size guarantee?

Ask what guarantees (if any) they currently offer for their bite-size training? A great training provider will have total confidence in the quality of their services. We do, and offer a no quibble guarantee to all our in-company training clients.

Bite-size accreditation?

Ask what options exist for professional qualifications through their bite-size training? As an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) accredited centre, we can offer a wide range of qualifications (both UK and International) through our 90 minute toolkit courses. Beware of providers who are not accredited – they cannot offer you real qualifications! The ILM ‘Endorsed’ and ‘Development’ Awards are not recognised qualifications, although some providers may try to give you the impression that they are!

Bite-size outcomes?

Ask questions to determine if they seem more interested in just selling you training days rather than delivering the specific results you need. How flexible is their bite-size training – examples of this? What additional expertise and added value support do they bring to the party?