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Supporting your organisation through the current climate

Perfect for the current climate, discover our range of interactive and engaging live virtual sessions.

The Power of 90 Minute Virtual Training

It's a fact that 90 minute, intensive, focused courses take full advantage of our optimum period of concentration, allowing information to be not only rapidly absorbed
but more importantly, to stick!

Remote working has become the reality for many of us. We’re all adjusting to the new normal and adapting to deliver results. To build employee engagement and continue to drive your business forward, you likely want your people to learn some new skills – and learn them quickly – but unable to release them for a full day or more.

Enter the power of 90 minute virtual training.

This is the memorable snack; enough of a taste to get your people thinking, see things in new ways and try out some new techniques. Grab a learning bite on the go.

Succinct, punchy and fun, our 90 minute virtual training delivers learning in easily-digestible chunks. Skilfully delivered using powerful accelerated learning principles, we provide participants with maximum returns for a minimal investment of time, so even those working remotely or in dispersed teams can balance their work schedule with skills development.

Learn about the science behind our 90 minute training

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With our 90 minute virtual training…


  • Easily access powerful remote learning from any location.
  • Learn and develop even when faced with a busy work schedule.
  • Choose only the most relevant courses to their individual needs.
  • Experience variety in their training – not just one subject during the day.
  • Enjoy learning once again with our interactive, fast-moving, fun courses.
  • Refresh skills, learn some new ones and leave re-energised.
  • Discover practical techniques they can use straight away.
  • Retain information, supported by easy-reference learning guides.
  • Network with colleagues from other departments.
  • Achieve CPD points, ILM qualifications and recognition.


  • Provide timely development to remote workers, based in any location.
  • Align courses to easily complement your other programmes.
  • Focus training in what you really need – pick & mix courses.
  • Maximise your investment with this cost and time efficient concept.
  • Minimise training ‘no-shows’, cancellations and productivity down-time.
  • Create themed days to support your key business initiatives.
  • Extend training opportunity to far more people than traditional courses.
  • Develop new ‘blended’ approaches for learning delivery.
  • Revitalise your people’s appetite for further learning.
  • Engage your people with accessible, high-quality training.

Your virtual training specialists

Back in 2005, we first pioneered the concept of 90 minute training courses – and by 2015 we’d also added virtual classrooms into the mix.

We’re now the UK’s leading bite-size training company with many years virtual training expertise and an unrivalled portfolio of over 170 bite-sized courses.

Thousands of participants from both public and private sector organisations attend our courses, which helps us continually hone our training and give you the reassurance that we know what works. Choosing us as your virtual training partner means you will benefit from high-quality courses that have been tried, tested and refined over the years.

Working closely with our clients, we’ve built a Virtual Training Academy offering creative ways to support and deliver virtual training. These blended learning approaches enable you to capitalise on the flexibility of our bite-size virtual training and maximise the results achieved.

Our team of expert virtual facilitators are hand-picked for their ability to meet the high standards we demand – and you expect. With global reach through our virtual classrooms we can move as quickly as you need, supply training to multiple locations on the same day and with consistency of delivery. All our training is CPD accredited.

Choosing your virtual training partner…

Looking for an experienced virtual training provider to work with your organisation?

If so, our 10 tips below will help guide you to ask the right questions and make a decision you won’t regret.

Virtual training experience?

Ask how long they have been using virtual classrooms, and which platforms they can competently deliver on?

In 2020, most training providers were forced to ‘pivot’ to virtual delivery for the very first time – and very few had any real previous experience in virtual classroom design or delivery. What may seem to be easy, is in reality more difficult to put in to practice. So, just like we had to do, most providers are learning as they go.

Insufficient virtual experience will nearly always translate itself to a lack of interaction and poor engagement with your learners 🙁

We first adopted virtual training back in 2015, and so have already built a well established virtual client base and track record.

Virtual course content?

Ask  what exactly will happen in the virtual course, why, and for how long? An experienced virtual provider will be able to easily answer this one – you’ll get bluster, bluff and vagueness from those who have never (or not yet) done it. We’ll give you straight answers because our virtual courses are documented, tried & tested and actually exist!

For many years now, we have been carefully re-purposing and refining our 90 minute face-to-face courses for use in our Virtual Classrooms.

Ask to see detailed facilitator notes (even better, ask for a live recording of this course being delivered to a client) showing the virtual interactions. If these are not immediately available, this is a warning sign that the provider has probably never delivered this course virtually before.

Be aware… there’s loads more to quality virtual learning than the Zoom/Teams video chats and the boring, one-way webinar presentations that you may have already experienced (oh dear)!

Virtual course design?

Ask who designs their virtual courses and how do they approach this? Do these course materials currently exist or do you suspect they are intending to cobble something together for you, or even worse, ask their trainer to make something up for you?

We centrally design and quality control all our own virtual courses. Every one (over 170) is written to a consistent format. Yes, they already exist!

Ask which platforms they can deliver this training on – when this was done – and how they utilise any learner interaction tools?

Be aware… an inexperienced virtual provider will likely have pre-existing materials drawn from their face-to-face courses, however they may well underestimate how easy it will be to translate these for effective virtual delivery. You could be their guinea pig!


Virtual course materials and quality?

Ask to see the materials that participants will actually use in the virtual courses? We’ve seen this can range from nothing at all, to a basic worksheet to a random collection of handouts.

We provide participants with comprehensive, high-quality digital learning guides and supplementary course handouts in every one of our 90 minute virtual courses. In addition, all our training is CPD certified.

Virtual trainers?

Ask who will deliver the virtual classroom training, how long have they been delivering virtually, and which platforms can they use?

Request to see a live recording of this trainer delivering a piece of virtual training.

Be aware… over the years, we’ve met with hundreds of trainers and have found that whilst there are undoubtedly many talented ‘day course’ trainers out there (face-to-face delivery), this certainly does not guarantee they will make an effective virtual faciliator nor able to deliver successfully within a focused, punchy 90 minute timeframe!

We train and approve all our facilitators to deliver our 90 minute virtual courses – before they ever work with our clients.

Virtual track-record?

Ask for at least three different client references who you can contact – where they have recently delivered their virtual training?

This will pose no problems for an experienced and established virtual provider who should have a number of satisfied clients they can point you towards. You can then check out for yourself how the views match with your own expectations. How well did the promises match up to the reality?

Back in 2015, we adopted virtual classroom training delivery – and so have already built a well established virtual track record and diverse client base.

Virtual evaluation?

Ask how they measure the effectiveness of their virtual training?

What actions have they undertaken with clients to evaluate the results? How was this completed and with what outcome?

We carefully monitor the impact of all our training as an integral part of our continuous improvement philosophy.

Virtual guarantee?

Ask what guarantees (if any) they currently offer for their virtual training?

A good training provider will have total confidence in the quality of their services.

We do, and offer a no quibble guarantee to all our in-company training clients.

Virtual accreditation or certification?

Ask what options exist for achieving professional qualifications through their virtual training?

As an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) approved centre, we can facilitate the achievement of a wide range of qualifications through our 90 minute virtual courses.

Be aware… many providers are not accredited to deliver qualifications. The ILM ‘Endorsed’ and ‘Development’ Awards are not recognised qualifications (VRQ’s), although some providers may well try to give you the impression that they are! Genuine ILM qualifications will always contain the title of Award, Certificate or Diploma. Check out our ILM qualifications:

In addition, all our training is CPD accredited

Virtual added value?

Ask – beyond pure delivery, what other virtual support and expertise they can provide you with?

An experienced provider is likely to have developed a number of additional value added services to complement and support your virtual training investment.

Since 2015, we have been building our Virtual Training Academy – to offer our clients instant access to our virtual training experience, capability and know-how. Here you will find information on our hugely popular range of 170+ bite-sized training courses, certified virtual facilitator programmes, virtual course material licensing and our Adobe Connect virtual platform set-up packages.